Erotica Actress Amy Lindsay talks about getting the boot from Cruz campaign ad

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HOUSTON, Tx. – If there’s one thing Amy Lindsay wants you to know, it’s that she’s NOT a porn star!

“If we’re going to have this argument, or people are going to come out and talk about me, or pull ads because things I’ve done in the past, let’s at least just know what it is that we’re talking about, what I have done and what I haven’t done,” says Lindsay.

Texas Senator, and Republican Candidate for President, Ted Cruz’s campaign featured Amy in a political ad centered around a fictitious “conservatives anonymous” group.

But when someone recognized Amy from some of her previous, more erotic film work, the Cruz campaign pulled the ad, and the 5 others that may never see the light of day.

“I was shocked, I was disappointed, it took a while for it to kind of sink in,” Lindsay remembers.

But amy says the characterization by the media that’s she’s a “porn star” is just wrong.

“I’ve never done anything rated X, and the people that have, that’s just fine….I’ve done things that are rated R… there’s a big difference to me about rated X and rated R… if I had someone would have found it by now, there’s clearly nothing out there, except late night steamy as Ted Cruz even called it ‘colorful’ types of movies,” she says.

She thinks that Cruz may have missed his mark on this one.

“I’m kinda like the new face of the republicans, I’m this woman, I’m in Hollywood which is usually very liberal, I am from Texas, I have very conservative fiscal views, and maybe a little bit more liberal social views,” Amy explains.

And she’s got no regrets about her past.

In talking about her career, she says,“I got to be a working actress in Los Angeles for 20 years, and not just because of these films, I was in Star Trek, I’ve done voice-overs, I’ve done over 40 national commercials, I would have regretted not going and seeing where it went.”

Amy is voting republican regardless of who the candidate is, but still, “…would love it if Donald Trump or anyone from his camp gave me a phone call or a shout out or an email, or a tweet, I think yeah, I would definitely answer that call.”

So get on it Trump! Maybe this hotty is just what you need to keep Cruz from catching up.



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