Everything you’ve wanted to know about peanuts

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Peanuts are the greatest food in the world. It must be peanut butter jelly time because the number one use of peanuts in the U.S. is peanut butter.  There are 40 to 50 peanuts in every ounce of peanut butter. That means about 540 in a 12 ounce jar of creamy (or crunch) goodness.

George Washington Carver is the man who made the peanut what it is today. He was born the son of slaves and went on to become a scientist, botanist, educator and inventor.  Carver claimed to have more than 300 uses for an ordinary peanut… though critics claim it`s closer to 100.

You can use peanut butter to: get gum out of your hair, fix a scratched DVD, clean leather, and remove glue from your hands.

And now one of the world`s biggest problems may be solved.  Peanut butter knuckles… or nose… the result of trying to get to the PB at the bottom of the jar.

A new invention could end all this. it’s called “Jar with a Twist.” In a YouTube clip the inventors say, “The revolutionary twist up design gives the user the full jar effect even when the jar is nearly empty.’  Talk about inventions that`ve changed the world… first the steam engine, then the iPhone, now this.  What a time to be alive!



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