Ex-Elmo puppeteer facing new sex abuse charges

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HARRISBURG, PA – Kevin Clash, the ex-Elmo puppeteer who was the center of a sex abuse scandal in 2012 isn’t getting a better streak of luck in 2013. He’s facing new charges.

Sheldon Stephens, the first of four men who accused Clash of sexual abuse filed a new lawsuit. The allegations this time around get pretty bad. Stephens says he and Clash had sex, but he was taken advantage of. He also says Clash hosted crystal meth parties.

“He introduced me to the driver. They introduced crystal meth into the scene and started to smoke it. Then one thing lead to another and sexual activity occurred between him and I and the driver,” Stephens said.

Clash’s lawyer says the allegations are ‘merit-less,’ so who knows what will happen from here. If there’s anything we can agree on, can it be to just leave poor Elmo out of this?!

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