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HOUSTON, TX –  An ex-girlfriend gets all up in her ex’s grill and takes a shot. Hey, but that’s how she “rolls!”

Quindolyn Kauffman
Quindolyn Kauffman

Cops claim Quindolyn Kauffman spotted her old boo, who happens to be a wholesale jeweler, cruising through southwest Houston in his fancy-pants Rolls Royce. Needless to say, the spark wasn’t rekindled for the two ex’s. The only fire between the former lovers, was from a gun. Lt. Larry Crowson with the Houston Police Department says, “When she pulled in front of the vehicle with her vehicle, she got out and fired one shot into the grill of the Rolls Royce, disabling it.”

The scene went down around 3am, in front of the Doubletree Hotel near the Houston Galleria. Luckily for the ex-boyfriend, the luxury car was the only victim in the shooting. Because of his supposed job, the man familiar with lots of “bling” (but possibly not bullets) rolled with backup. Actually, having someone watching your back isn’t new for someone in the jewelery biz, says Houston jeweler Johnny Dang, “Most of the time, we go out with a lot of jewelery, like a million dollars. Of course i always have two or three bodyguards with me.”

No word on what sparked the shooting or how much it would cost to get the Rolls up and running again. Cops say Kauffman could be charged with aggravated assault or criminal mischief. Diamonds might be a woman’s best friend, but for Kauffman, no amount of bling could mend her broken heart.