Ex-Rocket Jordan Hill pleads guilty to assault

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HOUSTON, TX – On this week’s “Money Can’t Buy You Class,” former Rockets player, Jordan Hill, made an appearance at the Harris County Court House. Why was he there? To enter a misdemeanor plea for assaulting a family member (his now ex-girlfriend).

As most celebrities do, the LA Laker received a pretty light sentence. Probation, a $500 fine (big deal), domestic violence counseling and he can’t contact his ex while he’s on probation.

It’s obvious from the allegations she made, Hill didn’t like her much in the first place so staying away shouldn’t be too tough on the guy. Where there are cameras, a courtroom and a victim you can also expect to find celebrity attorney Gloria Allred.

She represented Hill’s ex-girlfriend and said she was happy Hill’s taken responsibility for his actions by entering a plea. Hill’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, sees thing a little differently.

He says his client only entered ‘no contest,’ which is not an admission of guilt, but says Hill just wants to get this behind him so he can play basketball again.

Well, at least the guy’s got his priorities straight! Not!

So, that’s it for this week’s edition of “Money Can’t Buy You Class.”



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