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Robert Primes, the Houston rapper accused of prostituting teens at a Fifth Ward motel, has been released from jail and told his side of the story to NewsFix.

Primes recently found himself in a “life imitating art” situation when he was arrested during a sting at the Advance Motel. The former Prairie View A & M University football player says he thought he was being arrested for outstanding traffic warrants, but instead was charged with three counts of compelling prostitution of minors.

Primes is 24 years old and graduated from PVAMU with a degree in Criminal Justice. He says this is all one big misunderstanding.

“I never been convicted of a crime in Harris County ever in life,” he said.

Primes said he was helping some girls who did not have a placed to stay for the night, and booked a room for them.

“I saw an opportunity to help them. They gave me a sad story. I didn’t think they were lying. I was just doing what I do on a normal basis. I help people,” he said.

That’s when the cops busted in and he was hauled off to jail.

The “I Got a Problem” rapper was released from jail Tuesday and contacted NewFix to speak about the allegations. He says he is innocent and wants to clear his name. As a rapper, he has to choose his words carefully and that includes details about the pending case.

We will have more of his exclusive interview on NewsFix at 5 and 9 p.m.