Extra spooky Friday the 13th today with scary sun flares, full moon

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HOUSTON, TX – The number 13 has been given a bad rap for like ages, forever linked to bad luck. Team the number up with the day, Friday (like today June 13th, 2014) and some see it as a recipe for disaster or at least the basis for a bloodly slasher series! But instead of looking over your back for some boogeyman, you might want to look up at the sky. This Friday the 13th features some scary sun flares and a rare full moon!

The sun has been acting up these last few days. It’s solar flares are scheduled to bombard us today by possibly sending shock-waves through our atmosphere and disrupting communications here on Earth. It might not be the end of the world, but you might have trouble updating your status on Facebook.

And if that news wasn’t enough, we’ll all be doomed with a full moon this evening, the first one since October 13, 2000. Don’t let the name of this lunar event (the Honey Moon) fool you. It’s sinister glow is bound to bring out the beast in many tonight.

So, we’ll have a spooky sun and a frightful full moon, but that doesn’t mean you have to give way to any fears Friday the 13th can bring. For those who hate the date, why not just call it “bakers dozen” Friday and celebrate by going out and buying some bagels.


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