Falling toilet seats are crushing young boys manhood

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peeSAN FRANSISCO, CA – Guys, you better sit down for this next story. Researchers have found a rise in emergency room visits by young boys getting their little Willy’s crushed from falling toilet seats.

This heads-up is provided by the urology journal, BJU International, states these injuries happen when a peeing boy stands too close to the rim of the bowel and the seat comes crashing down on the little guy like a guillotine!

Hospitals have seen an increase in toilet bowl trauma by about 100 visits per year between 2002 and 2010. Of the 1,707 tinkle troubles in 2010, 97% of them were boys seven years old or younger.

The study goes on to say, “This data can be the tip of the iceberg”. And by “tip”, it means there might be some kids who get slammed, but never go to the hospital.

The good news, there’s no evidence falling toilet seats cause permanent damage. But this crushing blow below the belt might cause some lingering mental trauma to a young boy. The doctor who led the study puts a lid on this whole issue by suggesting to parents of potty training sons to invest in slow close or soft fall toilet seats.

There’s no better way to protect the family jewels than by using a safe throne.



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