False burglary alarm leads Houston cops to unexpected drug bust

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HOUSTON, Tx. — Talk about an unexpected discovery.

A false burglary alarm led cops to a major drug bust in southeast Houston.

HPD says it all started when an alarm sounded overnight at a Metro PCS store on Cullen Boulevard and Swingle road..

When cops got there, they didn’t see anything strange at the store, but did see some “suspicious activity” going on at a smoke ship next door, so they went to check it out.

There,  they found more than $500,000 dollars worth of marijuana and cocaine. They also found loads of cash and weapons.

Police even say the suspects tried to flush some of the drugs down the toilet, but obviously that didn’t work too well.

So as a result, six suspects were arrested on the scene.

Officials think the crew was just using the smoke shop as a cover up to sell the drugs, but from the looks of it, that plan just blew up in smoke.



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