Family cancels Christmas

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HURRICANE, Utah -Three boys from Utah are going to have a blue Christmas this year. After too many marks on the naughty list, Lisa Henderson - author of the 'Over the Big Boon blog' - and her husband John have decided to cancel Christmas.

In a blog post titled 'Why my Husband and I Cancelled Christmas' the mother of three says that while the family is still putting up decorations and enjoying all the other traditions, they will not be buying toys and presents for the kids. Instead they'll be doing community service and donating to those less fortunate. It's a move designed to teach their naughty boys the true meaning of Christmas.

"I think it's a good concept," Houstonian Joe Reeves told us, "there's a valuable lesson there."

Barbara Carcamo sees it otherwise. "Yeah, they should teach them a lesson, but I think taking Christmas away from them is too harsh."

While the move won't stop the boys from getting gifts from their grandparents and other family members, it will certainly make them think.



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