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HOUSTON- Family and friends gathered at Harvest Time Church in North Houston to celebrate the life of La Keisha Lewis.

But it`s hard to celebrate when you`re mourning a 23 year old mother who was a victim of domestic violence.  “Nobody should have to walk on Earth, to be murdered. To take away a loved one- even your own loved one. Nobody deserved to die like this” says Sandra Turner, La Keisha`s cousin.

Keisha`s ex-boyfriend, Darrell Mitchell, is behind bars accused of shooting and killing Keisha, the mother of his three-children. He’s also charged with stabbing to death, Keisha’s current boyfriend, 24 year old Johnel Francis.

‘”She was beautiful, fun and… it`s sad” says friend Kennedy Stanley.  “She was a beautiful person, outgoing and a loving person. That`s all you need to know- she was a loving person” adds Turner.  Keisha`s Grandmother, Algusta Williams told mourners,  “Keisha, she was my heart. Yeah, my heart is broken.”

Family and friends don`t want Keisha`s death to be in vain, so they wore purple to honor her, and to raise awareness about domestic violence.  “If you are in an abusive situation, please don`t wait another minute. No one has the right to rule over you, to put their hands on you. That`s not love, that`s control and obsession” explained a family member.

Damn right… and sadly, a reality Keisha`s family and friends will never forget.