HOUSTON (KIAH) – As we continue to talk about Hurricane Preparedness Week, survivors of Hurricane Harvey share how the storm impacted their family and gives advice to others as the Houston community prepares for future natural disasters.

“I really didn’t think it was going to be so bad. I really didn’t know if we would get a few inches of water that would go back down,” said Emily Tallent, Houston Resident Impacted By Hurricane Harvey.

However, that was not the case. Hurricane Harvey left almost four feet of standing water inside her home for 10 days. Displacing West Houston homeowner Emily talent and her family for one year.

“We still thought we could stay. And we have a two-story house and thought, worse case we will go upstairs. However it didn’t seem like it was getting better,” said Tallent.

Tallent emphasizes the importance of having flood insurance. Her family did not and they relied on government aid to help with repairs.

“In fact, we’re actually still dealing with the city of Houston is going to be providing us – I think some reimbursement we just last week heard back about. And this is what year five,” said Tallent.

On the other hand, Tallent’s parents who lived five doors down had flood insurance. They told Tallent it was a relief when it came to renovating their home.

Tallent wants her experience to help others. She recommends having two plans. One plan for evacuating and another if your family chooses to stay.

“It can be very stressful in the moment and almost very surreal when you’re dealing with a potential evacuating situation and so having that peace of mind knowing you have that plan,” said Tallent.

Are you prepared?

For information on protecting your home with insurance, government aid, and safety tips, visit the websites above.