FBI confirms North Korean cyber fingerprints on Sony hack attack

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CULVER CITY, California – For those keeping tabs at home, the score is now Hackers 2, Sony zip.

This after Sony cancelled two North Korea flicks.

First, “The Interview”, that strange comedy about the assassination of north Korea’s diminutive despot Li’l Kim Jong Un.

The second, Steve Carell’s film that was still in development, “Pyongyang,” based on a novel by one of the few westerners allowed into the fortress of evil.

Not counting Dennis Rodman, of course.

Now, President Obama may be piling on.

He told reporters he understood why Sony was concerned, but he said he wished someone at Sony would have talked to him before pulling the plug.

The president threw Sony under the bus just as the FBI confirmed North Korea is behind the Sony hack-a-thon.

The FBI linked the online fingerprints to previous North Korean cyber attacks.

They say the hackers routed their attack through servers in the US and in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

That’s no surprise to a North Korean defector, now in South Korea. The former military computer systems worker says North Korea’s “Bureau 121” has about 1,800 cyber agents in countries throughout the world.

Last year, someone hit South Korea’s banks, knocked out media outlets, and wiped out servers across the country.

North Korea hasn’t taken credit for that attack or for Sony.

Now George Clooney says he’s standing behind Sony, and wants everyone to do the same.

Hey, you know things are getting serious when Batman joins the fight.

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