FBI: Farook, Malik radicalized, attended target practice day before shooting

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SAN BERNARDINO, CA – San Bernardino killers Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik had more attacks planned. At least that’s the current belief of federal investigators. But that’s about all they know. And, it may be a while, if ever, before we find out their full plans.

There are reports that Farook had been in contact with terror groups Jabhat Al Nusra in Syria and Al Shabaab in Somalia before last Wednesday’s attack.

And today, the FBI confirmed the killer couple went to target practice the day before the attack, and that they had been radicalized long before the shootings.

“Now how did that happen, the question we’re trying to get at is how did that happen and by whom and where did that happen,” said FBI Assistant Director David Bowdich. “And I will tell you right now that we don’t know those answers at this point.”

Here is the most recent photograph released of Farook and Malik.

It shows them at Chicago’s O’Hare airport last July as they moved through customs.

Syed Farook’s father says his son was shy, too conservative.

In an interview with La Stampa, the elder Farook said he became angry when he found out his son had purchased a gun.

And regarding his son’s beliefs, he said he shared the ideology of ISIS leader Al “Big Daddy” Baghdadi to create an Islamic state, and he was fixated on Israel.

It’s now looking more and more like ISIS is not the J-V team, and, indeed has a master plan for world domination.

A 24-page document “Principles in the administration of the Islamic State” obtained by The Guardian, lays out a sophisticated plan to organize the territories it controls.

It shows how ISIS will build a state complete with the usual institutions of education, natural resources, industry, diplomacy, propaganda, and military.

One disturbing part of the plan outlines how ISIS terrorists will use kids in their unholy holy war, describing how children must be trained in all forms of combat, including the use of light arms.

Training the next generation to carry on their evil for generations to come.



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