FBI releases photos of Alabama bunker

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MIDLAND CITY, AL – The signs around Midland City, AL, display relief, and not grief, about the rescue of a kidnapped 5-year-old boy.

The FBI freed young Ethan two days before his sixth birthday.

His horrifying ordeal began January 29 when Jimmy Lee Dykes murdered a school bus driver and sealed himself and Ethan in an underground prison on his property outside of town.

Jimmy Davis, Jr, is a neighbor who says the bunker started out as a storm shelter.

“It was like a 15-by-15-foot, you know, wide in length. About 12-foot deep. And it was lined with bricks, like the little red bricks . . . It actually had cinder blocks going down the steps. And it was covered up with two sheets of plywood nailed together with hinges and stuff as a door to open to it.”

The FBI found two bombs, one inside the bunker and another in the PVC pipe Dykes used to talk with negotiators.

They also smuggled in a camera. That’s how they saw him holding a gun and getting agitated, which led to the decision for the rescue team to blow the door and plug the kidnapper before rescuing the boy, and bringing to an end this Alabama house of horrors.



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