HOUSTON (KIAH) – The Food and Drug Administration, known as the FDA, has cleared Abbott Laboratories, a company that produces baby formula, to reopen its manufacturing facility in Michigan. They were shut down earlier this year due to recalls.

Abbott has one of the largest domestic factories and once production begins, it will take weeks for baby formula to ship and hit the shelves at your local store.

According to Associated Press, officials with the FDA say the U.S. will prioritize companies that can provide the largest shipments while also providing documentation that their formulas are safe and compatible with nutrition standards.

This policy is temporary. It’s expected to last for six months. This issue started back in February when the FDA recalled three brands of powdered formula. Four infants became sick with bacterial infections and two of those babies died.

Any company distributing formula must provide safety protocols and procedures before resuming production.

In the meantime, many parents are still looking for their baby’s next bottle.

“I’ve even went as far as asking the employees when their truck days are. And I give them two days to get the freight out and go and check two days after their freight is out and they still have nothing,” said Hallie, one parent.

According to NewsNation, Abbott has yet to release the details of the agreement between FDA and their company.

Resources for parents in Metro Houston Area

  1. Check with a milk bank for donations
  2. Use social media groups to connect with other parents. They could have additional supplies to share.
  3. If you can.. healthcare workers recommend breastfeeding
  4. The Motherhood Center located in Houston has baby formula in stock. Their limit is 5 cans per week. You can call the number on your screen for more information (713)-963-8880.

Peter Pitts, a former FDA commissioner, told our sister station at NewsNation that he believes the baby formula shortage could be over in 6-10 weeks.