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The FDA is planning to lower the level of nicotine in cigarettes. “It’s definitely about time that the FDA made some changes to cigarettes,” said Kelsey Seybold Family Doctor, Dr. Christine Le. According to the Center for Disease Controls, smoking is the cause of four hundred and eighty thousand deaths a year. “15% of Americans are smoking, and 1200 Americans die every day from smoking, and at this time everyone wants to be healthier and it’s time to make positive changes,” said Le.

The change could save millions of lives by reducing the addictiveness of the deadly habit. “Smoking is the absolute worst habit that anybody can have the most cancer-causing habit ever so it Americans are willing to cut down on their nicotine people are going to be much healthier overall,” said Le. The change does have people wondering, if the amount of nicotine in cigarettes is reduced wouldn’t people want to smoke more? “We’re not sure at this time. What they’re trying to figure out is what is the lowest amount that they can go to make cigarettes less addictive, and they are trying to think about 97% less than what they currently have which would be less than anything they currently have on the market,” Le said.

Tobacco use is the single largest preventable cause of death and disease in the country. The FDA estimates almost 5 million people or more will quit smoking within a year of this new change. “The government does have a responsibility to help keep Americans healthier and whatever laws they enact to help people cut down and quit smoking is going to help everybody,” said Le.