FDA to consider new in vitro fertilization method

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SILVER SPRING, MD – Have it your way? Scientists and philosophers are up in arms debating whether or not the FDA should approve trials for a new in vitro fertilization technique using DNA from three people.

The goal of this experimental method is to prevent genetically transmitted disorders, such as heart and liver disease. Although, critics say many demanding parents could start using it to prevent disappointment. You know: I want my child to be smarter, taller, stronger, and so on.

Forget the stories about the stork, the bird and the bees. This is how the technique works: you have the DNA from the woman and the DNA from the man, but there’s also a separate DNA (the mitochondrial DNA) which comes from the woman and makes energy for the cells.  This DNA can sometimes contain sick chromosomes.  Fertilization specialists will replace it with another woman’s DNA… and voila!

Scientists involved with the project say this is not genetic engineering, but rather a further step towards growing healthier families. Either way, we should always remember that love comes from the heart and has nothing to do with genetic performance.

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