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MAGNOLIA, TX – Attention grocery shoppers!  It may not be as safe as you think, especially in Montgomery County, where an alleged rapist is still on the loose. Women are on high alert after learning a 23-year-old was assaulted in the Kroger parking lot near FM 1488 and FM 2978 Monday in Magnolia, just after 5 pm. It was broad daylight and the lot was packed.

Miranda Garza of Montgomery County says it is pretty scary. Erin Vierus agrees, “‘We don`t hear about things like that happening very often. It seems out of the ordinary.”

The woman claimed she was punched, choked, and raped inside her own truck….while plenty of other shoppers were nearby, totally oblivious to the terror she was going through. Cindy Burkes says, “All of us are concerned if we see some sort of escalation. That`s what we need to be aware of.”

Magnolia is a pretty small town, so news of the attack spread quickly through the community. Garza says, “You usually see your neighbors when you come to the store. That`s what`s really shocking about it.”

A rape kit was administered and the truck is being processed for potential clues to identify the attacker because the description is pretty vague: a Hispanic male in his 40`s.

Lt. Brady Fitzgerald of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office says it is an active investigation and deputies are working hard to find any clues which would lead them to a suspect.

Sadly…it looks like “body-guard” is now at the top of your shopping list.