Female inmate sneaks out of cell to have sex with male inmate

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PORTLAND, ME – Well this is the couple that will likely lose their “good time served” because of the time they spent together in a cell Saturday.

The sheriff says Renee Glantz was able to get out of her cell by jamming her door with a piece of cardboard at about 11 o’clock Saturday morning.

“It is believed that inmate Glantz utilized an empty cardboard roll from a toilet paper to manipulate the cell lock from fully engaging.”

Next, the Sheriff said Glantz made her way through two “unlocked doors” and into the cell of Michael D’Angleo, being held by the US Marshal’s for a bank robbery.

It is not clear how D’Angelo jammed his cell door.

The sheriff says this security breach looks like a violation of policy.

Four guards are being investigated, it could be a week or more before it’s determined if there will be disciplinary action.

Also being looked into, whether guards conducted a check of the cells every 15 minutes and whether they looked to see if the inmate was breathing.

Joyce said Glantz propped up pillows and clothing to make it look like she was in bed.

But in reality she was a wing away – for several hours before she got caught.

“The good thing about this is we’re talking about an inmate having sex with another inmate. We’re not talking about a death, we’re not talking about God forbid, I’m planning a funeral for one of my corrections officers because of the temporary lapse in judgment of leaving the doors unlocks. Because quite frankly, that could have happened.”

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