Finding a future despite a sketchy past

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ROSHARON, TX – Kids today think when they mess up, it’s the end of the world, but there’s always a second chance.

Need proof? The check out the 33 inmates from the Darrington Prison in Rosharon who graduated  on Monday with Bachelor of Science degrees from Southwestern Seminary. And that’s no B.S.!  Olin Jose Gonzales is one of them. He’s serving a life sentence for capital murder.

The program, which doesn’t cost tax payers a dime, takes a handful of inmates, serving very long sentences and trains them to be field ministers at other prisons.

“I have no regrets because it took everything in my life to get me to this point where God could get my attention. I think God has used everything- my drug addiction, my life of crime- everything to get me to this moment so he could use me in an effective way,” explains Gonzales.

But now, he believes he can change lives, “I’m probably never going to get out of prison. I come up for parole in 2045… so I’ll be 73 years old. What I want to do between now and then is preach the Word. I want to teach people the word of God and show that there’s hope.”

Second chances were also first on the agenda at the GRB Convention Center.

The 2nd Chance Job Fair is all about helping Houstonians who’ve made mistakes and are ready for a new beginning. Whether you’re a high school dropout, a non-violent ex-con or just just have a spotty past- this is your chance to find a job. “These companies that are here- every single one of them, realize that some of these individuals have had some background issues- and they’re not discriminating against their past,” says  District D Councilman Dwight Boykins.

Leaving behind the sins of the past.  Hey, the reality is, we all make mistakes. So, it’s nice to see there are still folks out there willing to give a second chance.


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