Finding a job in the face of record high student loan debt

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USA – Graduating from college is always a proud day, but what happens when you can’t find a job?

“All I hear from professors, neighbors and others,” said Jeremy Epstein, a junior at Adelphi University, at last week’s presidential debate, “is when I graduate, I will have little chance for employment.”

Scary stuff, for sure! Now comes news that student loan debt has hit a record high. The average college student last year graduated nearly $27,000 in debt from loans, according to the Institute for College Access and Success.

So what do you do about it? Pick a major where you can get a job. Engineering tops that list. New census data shows the average engineer will make $3.5 million in a lifetime, over a million dollars more than the average college grad will take home.

Business majors find jobs most easily and high-paid computer, math and science majors seem to have a pretty sweet time, too.

As for the arts– drama, painting, music, etc. — less than 50% find full-time work. Teaching, while possibly the most emotionally rewarding, is the least financially. On average, a teaching degree will earn you about $1.8 million over a lifetime.

But hey, with job prospects looking slim these days; $1.8 million doesn’t sound half bad.

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