Finding money when we need it most

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Grego talks about karma and how money can seemingly find its way to you when you need it most.

"Found money! There may be a check waiting for you, and I'll tell you why but first have you ever been in need of some cash (that you don't have) to pay for something important? I know what day is this?! You stress out figuring how you're going to magically make dollars appear (sometimes with no luck) and when all hope seems lost, a check shows up in the mail, you find $20 on the floor at a fast food restaurant, the ATM you hit up mistakenly spits out a $100 bill when you were only pulsing $40? (I witnessed that happen to a buddy) You get that rebate you forgot you sent in for.  some chalk these financial windfalls up to luck, some a guardian angel, good karma, or other divine intervention,  but somehow we learn to say when we're low on money, that somehow it'll work out, kind of like these commentaries that I write everyday have a way of coming together. This morning on my way out the door I was grabbing a banana off the counter and sitting there in its wrapper was a week-old fortune cookie from Chinese takeout. I said to myself, that cookie wants me open it. I tore it open, crunched the cookie and read the message it said; "Don't worry. you'll always have everything you need!" Funny, but comforting. Now, if you own a Toyota, an ignition switch settlement may mean a check for $29 coming your way. If not, especially at this time of the year, it's time to go through jacket pockets, turn the couch cushions over, (of course there's always the pawn shop) and  - with a positive outlook and some faith, maybe we can all channel the spirit of Kris Kringle and find a few much needed bucks."



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