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HOUSTON — More than 100 residents were displaced, and at least one person was injured, when a fire broke out Tuesday afternoon at a mid-rise in the Museum District, according to the Houston Fire Department.

The fire broke out around 2:30 p.m. at the Hampstead, a five-story complex, in the 1500 block of Blodgett at Crawford.

All 45 units in the complex were damaged. HFD confirms one man suffered smoke inhalation and was sent to the hospital for treatment.

Students at nearby MacGregor Elementary School were brought outside the building for a short period of time, but were allowed to return to their classrooms.

Alert Houston sent the following safety advisories:

Avoid smoke exposure from smoke by closing windows while indoors and reducing outdoor activity where smoke is present. People with heart or breathing conditions such as asthma may be more sensitive and should seek immediate medical attention if they experience a worsening of their condition, shortness of breath, or chest pains. Residents are also urged to avoid the area until further notice and to expect traffic in the area.
This alert remains in effect until further notice.

EN Espanol:

Los residentes de la area deben evitar exposición al humo. Cierra las ventanas y reducen actividad afuera donde está presente humo. Las personas con condiciones de corazon o respiración como la asma son mas sensitivos y deben buscar atención médico si emperora su condición, si sienten una falta de aire, o dolor de pencho. Residentes deben evitar la área hasta nuevo aviso y se puede esperar tráfico en la área.
Está alerta permanzca en effecto hasta nuevo aviso.