Fire chief calls 55 undocumented immigrants found inside a tractor-trailer a ‘feel good story’



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SAN ANTONIO, Texas – A San Antonio detention center has about 50 new occupants, but they were first discovered inside a tractor-trailer.

San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood says the big rig was filled with 55 undocumented immigrants. It was parked in a north side neighborhood Tuesday near the San Antonio airport.  “There are a few minors in this group but mainly adults.”

Chief Hood said all the illegals appeared to be in good health, including the children. Only five people suffered minor injuries jumping from the rig or trying to run away.  They were treated at a local hospital, while all the others were searched then taken to the detention center.

As we know, smuggling people is big business. Drivers are usually U.S. citizens paid a fee per person they smuggle across the border.  But often times, the combo of Texas heat and human cargo ends in tragedy.  “This is a totally different outcome than what we had several months before where we had the tractor trailer incident down south.”

Remember last July in San Antonio??  Ten people died being smuggled through Texas when 39 immigrants were found crammed inside a semi in a Wal-mart parking lot.  The driver of that rig, James Matthew Bradley, Jr. from Florida,  was sentenced to life behind bars.

This latest operation seems more humane, though still against the law.  “This truck was air conditioned, thank God. This truck had water,  so they were hydrated. They were cool. They were hungry.”

The fire chief called this a “feel-good story” because no one died.  Never-the-less, the Department of Homeland Security and San Antonio police will stay on the case.

Initial reports indicate the detainees are from Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras.  Where they were going and who was driving remains a mystery.

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