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DALLAS — Everyone likes drawing when they’re young.

Sam De La Rosa is no exception.

“I used to draw dinosaurs and exotic things,” De La Rosa told NewsFix. “And I came across comic books and thought they were much more exciting and interesting.”

Well, who wouldn’t?

“That’s all I ever wanted to do was work as an artist for the comic book industry,” he said.

And guess what he does now?

“Finally got work in 1982 for both of the major publishers Marvel, with all their Marvel movies, DC.”

De La Rosa proves that saying, heroes don’t always wear capes, “You know my heritage is Latino and I come from San Antonio. I lived on the West Side, I lived in the projects as a little kid. So, you know, I’m hoping that people of all nationalities and races can see that hey, anyone can do it.”

And what better place to showcase his work and inspire young artists than with 24 other creators at the first-ever Texas Latino Comic Con in Dallas?!

“Kids coming in, fans coming in, they see their culture being represented,” said event co-founder, Hector Rodriguez, who also created a Latino super hero El Peso Hero.

“I was talking to Hector, and he was up in Ohio at a Latino Comic Con there and I go, ‘Hector, how many of those are in Texas?’ And he goes, ‘Well, there’s none,'” explained co-founder. David Doub.

Now, they’re looking to the future.

“We hope we can keep doing this,” Doub said. “Keep it free, keep everyone having a good time.”