Fish swallows man’s arm, guy fails to hang on

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ISLAMORADA, FLORIDA KEYS – Forget about cat got your tongue! How about fish got your arm?!

There’s a viral video floating around the internet that’s getting a lot of attention. It was filmed at the Islamorada in the Florida Keys. You can see a man dangling a piece of bait above the water and then a huge tarpon came out and ate it. The man’s arm got stuck inside the fish, so the man had to pull the fish up on the dock to free himself.

Apparently this kind of thing isn’t that uncommon. In fact, experts say lots of people go to Islamorada, buy buckets of bait fish and feed the tarpons. It’s a big tourist attraction.

But if you’re going to catch something that big with your bare hands, it might not be a bad idea to stick to a good ol’ fishing pole!

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