Five-year-old Paralyzed After Doing Simple Backbend At Home

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Palos Verdes, CA - It could happen to any child, but when it happened to this little girl her family was devastated.

"She loves to dance," Kylee Hoelscher remarked about her daughter. "That's the thing her dad misses the most."

This five-year-old girl named Eden was doing a simple backbend when tragedy struck, and the child began crying.

She complained about pain in her back, legs, and hips, so her mom tried to comfort her. But Eden was not okay.

"Her face just kind of changed," Hoelscher recalled. "And she said, 'Mom, my feet feel like they're asleep.'"

Her mom rushed her to the emergency room, but an MRI showed the little girl had to be life-flighted to a specialty medical center. "We were basically told after the first...second day of her injury to prepare for the worst," Hoelscher said. "She would be a paraplegic for life."

The little girl who loved to dance around the house was now paralyzed from the waist down in this horrifying medical mystery.

"We couldn't pick her up. We couldn't move her. We couldn't even comfort her by picking her up," Hoelscher revealed.

Eden spent the next month and a half in a children's hospital receiving special care and therapy.

Today, she is back home with her family trying to have a normal life in spite of daily challenges.

"Her bowels and her bladder don't work...she can't regulate her own temperature," Hoelscher shared. "We have to get up and move her in the middle of the night so she doesn't get pressure sores from laying."

Despite all obstacles little Eden hasn't given up hope that she will walk again someday.

And what does she still dream of doing with her life?

Eden Hoelscher paused with a smile, "Be a ballerina."


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