FL man accused of murder over movie theater texting was also texting

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WESLEY CHAPEL, FL – Remember the former cop accused of shooting a man in a Florida movie theater back in January…because he was annoyed about the guy’s texting?

As if that’s not bad enough, new details are emerging about what was going down before the shooting.

Turns out, the former cop, Curtis Reeves, Jr., was doing a little texting of his own in the theater. You know, before he allegedly pulled the trigger.

Reeves’ son, Matthew, told police his dad texted him from the theater. And then minutes later Reeves is accused of shooting Chad Oulson, who was texting his babysitter to check on his daughter.

So basically, cops believe Reeves shot the 43-year-old father for doing the exact same thing he had been doing just minutes earlier.

Reeves is currently being held without bail – if convicted he faces a minimum of 25 years in prison, which would give him plenty of time to reflect on his seemingly hypocritical actions.


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