Flashing yellow light a sign of drivers not being able to understand directions

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Grego sounds off on traffic signs and how many people can’t read the sign since they are written in English.

Accident photo“Here’s how a friend’s New Year began (picture to left). he walked away, broken rib, broken hand, a victim of an unlicensed 18-year-old in a borrowed car who ran a traffic signal with a flashing yellow arrow! Yeah, she apparently didn’t understand you’re supposed to yield to oncoming traffic before you turn. So, without touching the brakes, she turned left and met the front end of the silver car going 45 miles per hour! These signs are popping up all over Texas, and they’re thought to reduce emissions and help save gasoline wasted “idling,” waiting for a green light. Off the record, one sheriff’s deputy said since the lights have gone up in his county, he estimates accidents are up 100% or double. Now, as you can see the traffic light explains what to do, but assumes you can read English. Last week, a million illegals in California became eligible for drivers licenses. Sure, it’s 1300 miles or so away but heck they’re driving in Texas, too. Many of these are without drivers licenses, and not only Spanish-speaking immigrants. Drive safely of course but what do you think? Should non-citizens be allowed to obtain U.S. drivers licenses? Should states adjust traffic signals and road signs to accommodate them and who should pay for it? Should the ability to read/write/speak English be a requirement? Do you think driving will become more dangerous with newly licensed “undocumented” drivers behind the wheel? I can’t see how it won’t when even English-speaking U.S. drivers are confused by certain road signs and signals.”


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