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FLORIDA — Amazon has a lot of explaining to do after one of its delivery drivers was found wandering around a Florida home.

Michael Lentini says he was waiting for his Amazon package over the weekend when he received an unexpected special delivery.

“I looked this way because I heard the elevator door open, I thought, somebody that I know,” said Lentini.

It was actually an Amazon delivery man, who somehow made it into his master bedroom.

“I instantly froze, because it’s something that you can’t understand until it happens to you,” Lentini said.

After running into the owner of the house, the delivery man quickly dropped of the package and left. Surveillance video showed the unwelcomed guest had spent a few minutes inside the home. Lentini called Amazon and was told it would never happen again, but to his surprise it did, the very next day.

Lentini is not a member of Amazon’s Key Service which securely delivers packages right into your home. Amazon says the delivery man got confused with the layout of the modern house.

The company went on to say: “We are working directly with the customer to investigate and will be addressing any findings with the delivery personnel.”

Looks like this turned into a messy delivery!