Florida man has penis sliced off by machine at work

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ORLANDO, FL – In our troubled economy, nobody wants to hear about job cuts. But believes us, most men would rather get fired than go through the cut Edgardo Toucet received at work. That’s because it wasn’t his job the Florida man lost; it was his junk!

Edgardo’s penis and testicles were sliced off by a factory machine during a horrific work place accident in 2010. Now, the Puerto Rican native is looking for a stiff settlement to compensate for his shear bad luck.

The man is suing the Spartan Staffing Temp Agency, the company who sent him to work at a manufacturing plant near Orlando. Edgardo (who doesn’t speak English) claims he wasn’t given any “orientation or other formalized instruction or training” before operating the device with a razor sharp blade spinning at crotch level called a peeler machine.

The peeler polished-off poor Edgardo’s plantain, with a side of beans to boot. Now Edgardo, who is married with children, is seeking damages in excess of $15,000 for his misfortune. Seems kind of low but since he’s a family man, Edgardo might’ve already felt like he lost his crotch years ago.

Anyway, hope he gets what he’s asking for, but in the end, win or lose, Edgardo still gets the short end of the stick.


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