Florida man squats in multimillion dollar foreclosed home


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Most people usually have to work hard for those champagne wishes and caviar dreams, but one Florida man is living large thanks to a vague real estate law.

Neighbors said 23-year-old Andre Barbosa walked into a vacant mansion worth $2.5 million just after Christmas and has been there ever since.

Thanks to the Adverse Possession law, Barbosa is living in the mansion for free.

The law states that someone can move in to an empty home and claim the title as long as they stay for 7 years, pay property taxes and hope the owner forgets about the home.

Bank of America, which ownes the home, as already filed for an eviction notice.  Barbosa has allegedly posted a notice of his own in a window of the house declaring himself the “living beneficiary to the Divine Estate being superior of commerce and usury.”

Seems the battle has just begun.


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