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VERO BEACH, FL – Here at NewsFix, we’re not about to judge if you’re into something a little different in the bedroom.

So, no need to be embarrassed like Christopher Masters.

According to the Indian River County Police report, he was shopping at the Spencer’s store in Vero Beach, Florida when he caught the attention of the manager.
She told officers later that she saw him “removing an item from its packaging” and stuffing it in his shorts.

Turns out it’s the kind of toy you .. uh .. normally stuff elsewhere.

The cops weren’t laughing when they caught Masters with two stolen sex toys. He told them he was “too embarrassed” to pay for them.

Kind of feels like and ad: sex toy number one … S19.99, sex toy number two … S9.99, but the shame of being arrested for stealing them … priceless.

There are some things money can’t buy … for everything else, there’s our Dumbass of the Day.