Florida mom protests selling of “Breaking Bad” action figures

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FORT MYERS, Florida — The show may be over, but looks like Breaking Bad drama is hard to escape. A Florida mom is playing cop, and is ready to execute a meth bust.

Her target are action figures based on the popular TV show located on Toys “R” Us store shelves nationwide. The figures come complete with a stash of cash, beakers, hazmat suits and blue crystals.

“It’s about drugs and you’re selling it in a children’s toy store?” mother Susan Schrivjer questioned. “Knowing those are the items that one needs to make meth, I just think that it’s wrong.”

Wonder what Heisensburg would think about this? Well, sorry Walt, this mom is on a mission; her method — a Change.org petition that calls for the toys to be removed from store shelves.

But, Toys “R” Us isn’t buying what she’s cooking up. The store issued a statement saying in part, the toys are for ages 15 and up and they’re located in the adult action figure area.

“Kids mimic their action figures if you will, do you want your child in an orange jumpsuit?” Schrivjer posed.

Hey, maybe Heinsburg just wants to be a Toys “R” Us kid.


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