Florida not overrun with zombies, but cops seeing more zombie-like people stoned on Spice


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CLEARWATER, FL –  Ahh, florida. Land of sunshine, oranges, and zombies.

No, not zombies, the drinks, but zombies, the living dead.

Police in Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg say they’re seeing more and more zombie-like kids strung out on fake weed, synthetic marijuana that goes by such names as “kush” and “spice.”

Folks are smoking it because it’s supposed to be safe and legal, but cities and states are outlawing the stuff, and manufacturers appear to be the only one’s who say it’s safe.


Clearwater police have found strung out kids in the park so stoned that they can’t answer simple questions like, “what’s your name” and “how long since you last smoked?"

Cops say they’re seeing an increased number of zombie homeless, or homeless zombies who score some cash, buy some spice, then pass out in the parks.

Getting all zombie-like on fake weed may sound cool, but what these knuckleheads don’t realize is that being like the living dead is just one step away from being dead, and that’s the ultimate buzz kill.


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