Florida park employees attacked by killer bees

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TAMPA, FL – Think you had a tough day at work? Think again. Two Tampa, Florida park employees were attacked by killer bees. The pair was picking up a pile of trash when they lifted up an old tire, unleashing the bees’ wrath.

“[It felt] like a thousand little knives poking me in my body,” said Rodney Pugh, victim.

Around 100,000 Africanized honeybees chased Pugh 75 feet.

“So I’m trying to swat, and they say never swat bees, so they were all in my face, on my back, and in my shirt.  So I jumped out of the pay loader and ran for my office,” said Pugh.

Who knew an office could be a place of refuge?

Over 60 stingers were removed from Pugh’s neck and back. His coworker, David Zeledon, wasn’t as lucky, having more than 100 stingers removed.

The guys are expected to make a full recovery. We can’t say the same for the bees, though. An exterminator had the last laugh. What a buzz kill!


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