Flying fish attack university rowing team in Missouri

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO – In a world where sharks rain from the sky , comes a fish tale that may will keep you out of the water forever.

Members of the Washington University rowing team on a Creve Coeur Lake near St. Louis, Missouri, learned another meaning to the term “like a fish out of water” when they were pummeled by scores of flying Asian carp.

The Asian carp, a species that has spread from the great lakes, to Arizona, to Texas, and to Florida, but mostly around the Mississippi and Ohio River basins.

The silver carp are easily frightened by boat motors and oars, as the Washington University crews discovered.

They can get up to 100 pounds and jump 10 feet in the air, and are known to cause cuts, concussions, and broken bones to unsuspecting humans.

No humans were harmed this day, but they sure had something to carp about.


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