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FRIENDSWOOD, Texas — The Friendswood Police Department is searching for a disgruntled pedestrian after he started a food fight with a driver before tracking the victim down and attacking their car with a baseball bat, authorities said.

Investigators said the driver was headed down S. Friendswood Drive Dec. 22 when they turned onto Winding Way around 2:30 p.m. and passed a man. The pedestrian yelled for the driver to slow down and threw crackers at their vehicle, the department said.

The car stopped and the victim threw the crackers back at the pedestrian, investigators said. Officer said the man then grabbed onto the side of the victim’s car as the victim drove away. The man eventually fell off the car and into a puddle of water, officers said.

When the victim arrived at his  destination in the 500 block of Pine Bluff Drive, investigators the pedestrian approached him with a baseball bat. Police said the pedestrian shattered the driver’s side window, sending glass shards into the victim’s neck, arms and hands. Investigators said the man continued to swing, hitting the body of the car and breaking in the vehicle’s back window.

Officers believe the man left in a light sliver new model, luxury SUV or crossover.

If caught, the department said he may face aggravated assault and criminal mischief charges.