Food for Thought: Popcorn lung from buttery chemical

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There’s nothing like freshly popped popcorn, especially when popped in one of those hand-cranked poppers with coconut oil.

A lot of folks like to nuke their popcorn, and that’s where they could be running into some real trouble.

Here’s the deal.

Some researchers at the University of Minnesota discovered that the stuff that gives buttery flavor to microwave popcorn could trigger Alzheimer’s disease.

They say the chemical diacetyl causes certain proteins to clump together in the brain, which, they say is a sure sign of Alzheimer’s.

But wait, there’s more.

Diacetyl also contributes to popcorn lung.

Diacetyl is the stuff that makes the butter smell. It is so bad that a court awarded a Colorado man $7.2 million when he came down with popcorn lung after eating two bags of the stuff every day.

And OSHA put out this warning after workers at plants that make and use diacetyl ended up with popcorn lung.

You may not have a problem with coming down with a lung disease from microwave popcorn fumes, and that’s okay.

But it doesn’t hurt to check the label to see if what’s inside has diacetyl.

The other folks in your house just may thank you for it. Just some food for thought.


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