Foods that help you lose your belly fat but can they really?

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HOUSTON, Texas - With the beginning of the new year, many, as part of their New Year`s resolution, vow to lose that tire around the waist. One diet expert, David Zinczenko, claims he has a way to target that belly fat. By eating certain foods that target fat genes and cause them to turn off, and all without counting calories or food deprivation.

We decided to check it out with a nutritionist.

"It talks specifically about losing belly fat, so there is unfortunately no quick fix with regards to just losing the belly fat from using natural foods," explained Dr. Shreela Sharma of the UTHealth School of Public Health.

That`s not to say that much of the information Zinczenko gives, isn`t valid for general weight loss, though it isn`t anything most of us haven`t heard before.

"Like eating dark green vegetables, eating a diet high in nuts and plant proteins, eating some of the super foods like your blueberries or avocados which can help reduce your body weight, because you are moving towards a healthier life style," said Dr. Sharma.

The good news, chocolate 'is' on the menu.

"Dark chocolate, it is good for you because it has certain antioxidant properties." Taken in moderation, of course.

So, if you want to live up to your resolution, then there`s no quick fix because it all comes down to the old healthy diet and excercise. Good luck!!


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