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HOUSTON, TX – Less than a few weeks away from Valentine’s Day and love isn’t just in the air, it’s also crawling on the ground. With a $5 donation, fans of the Houston Museum of Natural Science are now able to name one of their many Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, after anyone of their choosing. Like an ex, for instance. Roaches for Valentine’s Day, how horrific!

Actually, according to the museum these creepy crawlies are clean and beneficial to the environment, and can also be seen as the ultimate symbol of endless love. Dr. Nancy Grieg, the director of the Cockrell Butterfly Center at the Houston Museum of Natural Science says, “If you want a symbol of eternal love, these guys have been around forever.” Matthew Tave was there to honor his mother with a Valentine’s Day cockroach. Tave says,”What a unique and awesome Valentine’s campaign. Cockroaches have been on the earth for 350 million years. I think it’s really interesting to represent that kind of longevity into love and Valentine’s Day and I got to come out here and name a roach, write it on the roach, hold a roach and grow attached to a roach. Didn’t anticipate doing that today. Very interesting, very cool. I highly recommend a lot of people coming out and do it. It’s very neat.”

Still, there’s another reason why you might want to name a cockroach after someone. Dr. Grieg says, “After somebody that you want to vilify, I guess. If it’s an anti-valentine’s.”

So swing by the Houston museum or go to their website, to name one of these little buggers. Whether you dedicate it to the one you love or hate, the choice is yours.