Forbes 2013 world’s billionaire list

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NEW YORK, NY – If you had a billion dollars, you’d probably expect some recognition for it, huh? That’s why Forbes Magazine created the World’s Billionaire List. Don’t say recession ’round these folks.

The 2013 list has added, are you ready for this, 210 new fiscally-sound-faces bringing billionaire list to a total of 1,426 people who essentially control the world’s economy.

Their aggregate net worth? $5.4 trillion dollars.

Let that sink in for a sec.

At the top of the list, once again, is Mexico’s telecom mogul (with a net worth of $73 billion) Carlos Shady followed by the one billionaire who’s really hard to hate, Bill Gates. Knocking good ole’ Warren Buffett out of third place, Amancio Ortega, shareholder and former chairman of the Spanish retailer, Zara.

His fortune jumped $19.5 billion making him the year’s biggest gainer.



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