Forget early voting; app tells you political leanings based on name

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HOUSTON, Texas – Rise and shine, America: the early birds are voting.   There’s a lot at stake for the upcoming midterm elections.  The battle for the senate and governors in 36 states are drawing attention.  In Texas, the governor and lieutenant governor races are heated.  It’s Greg Abbott versus Wendy Davis for the top spot.  Dan Patrick and Leticia Van de Putte battle it out for second banana.

But remember that every vote matters, as long as you bring your photo ID to your polling place.

“It is the law in Texas that you have to take one of seven forms of legislatively approved photo ID to the polls,” said Texas Secretary of State Nandita Berry.

But who needs to count votes?  A new app by Crowdpac tells you how liberal or conservative you are just by judging your name -yes, your name- based on data of political donors.  For instance, if your name is Mark, you will get a 2.5 score on the conservative range.  Natasha, on the other hand, is the top ranking name for liberals, with a score of 10.

In any case, you still have until November 4 to make up your mind, or change your name!  So, get out and vote.  Otherwise, don’t complain.


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