Former Gitmo detainee killed in drone attack

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SANA’A, YEMEN – Saeed al-Shahri, former guest of Uncle Sam in Gitmo, and lately, the #2 honcho for Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is dead again.

Reports out of Yemen say al-Qaeda claims al-Shahri is a dead man, killed by a U.S. drone a few months ago as he was driving near Yemen’s capital.

Al-Shahri was one of the first jihadists terrorists kept at Guantanamo. He was there from 2002 until we let him go in 2008.

But don’t waste time celebrating or shedding tears. He’s kind of like Snake Plissken in Escape From New York. (‘I heard you were dead.’)

Yemen’s defense ministry said last September that he died in a military raid, but he put out an audio message a few weeks later saying that he was still alive.

And last January, news reports said the same thing we’re hearing today, that al-Qaeda leaders confirm al-Sharhi died when a US drone rained down some Hellfire missiles on his head.

Of course, if we had kept him in Gitmo, we wouldn’t have to wonder if he’s dead or alive.


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