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HOUSTON, TX – Doctors are supposed to be the heroes, but former Houston doctor Shafeeq Sheikh is accused of being a villain in disguise.

Houston Police charged Sheikh with sexually assaulting a patient at Ben Taub Hospital back in November 2012.

“The victim was heavily sedated,” said HPD Sr. Officer Delinda Compton Mayes.

Drugged and recovering from surgery, the 27-year-old victim says a man attacked her in her room three times.

“The woman said she tried to call for help, but the call button had been found to be unplugged,” explained Compton Mayes.

Police say it’s taken nearly two years to reach this diagnosis, but the break they were waiting for came when they got surveillance video that showed Sheikh going into the victim’s room.

“We had to subpoena those records and the District Attorney’s office issued those subpoenas,” Compton Mayes said. “Then we had to wait until they were surrendered to us.”

As for Sheikh, he surrendered last week, but police worry he has more victims out there.

“He is a doctor and he had access to other patients in the hospital, not only on that date but any other date he may have worked,” said Compton Mayes.

A terrifying prognosis indeed, which is why officers are encouraging other possible victims to come forward by calling the Houston Police Special Victims Division at (713) 308-1180.