Former Marine overheats and dies in jail cell

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NEW YORK – Last month, a homeless man in New York, desperate for a warm place to sleep on a chilly night, curled up in an enclosed stairwell on the roof of a Harlem Public Housing Project.

Soon after, Jerome Murdough was arrested for trespassing and thrown into a cell on Rikers Island.

The 56-year-old former marine, now homeless man, was on anti-psychotic and anti-seizure medication making him extra vulnerable to heat.

A week after his arrest, he was found dead in his jail cell. The cause of death, overheating.

City officials say the temperature in Murdough’s cell were at least 100 degrees.

Unlike other inmates, he didn’t open the small vent in his cell that let cool air in.

Murdough was thrown into jail for breaking the law, the consequence to his crime. Little did he know it was going to be a death sentence.

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