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WALLER COUNTY, TX – It has been nearly a month since Sandra bland was found dead in a Waller County jail cell, sparking accusations of racial discrimination and abusive police practices.

This week, fresh off the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death which sparked months of protests in Ferguson, Missouri racial tensions are mounting again in Waller County.

Former justice of the peace Dewayne Charleston says that certain officials are fostering an environment of intimidation toward African Americans. Charleston, who was an elected official for more than 7 years in Waller County, says District Attorney Elton Mathis intentionally intimidated a black, female election official. Charleston says it’s part of a larger problem in Waller County, political intimidation of African Americans. Charleston thinks Mathis should recuse himself from the Sandra Bland investigation to keep the process transparent. He is also calling for Sheriff Glenn Smith to step down.

Sounds like he wants a clean sweep to keep Waller from becoming another Ferguson.