Fort Hood soldier kills Private with hiccups

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KILLEEN, TX – Hiccups. They`re super annoying, especially when you can`t get rid of them.

There`s a lot of home remedies out there, like breathing in a paper bag, holding your nose and swallowing or drinking a glass of water while you`re upside down.

Then there`s the scare tactic.

A Fort Hood soldier thought he would try the scare tactic on one of his fellow soldiers, but it went horribly, horribly wrong. Private First Class Patrick Myers and Private First Class Issac Young were sitting around watching football and drinking when Myers says Young got a bad case of the hiccups. That`s when Myers allegedly held a gun to young`s head–you know, to scare him–but the gun went off right in Young`s face.

Young died on the way to the hospital.

Myers has now been charged with manslaughter. According to the arrest report, Myers thought the gun was loaded with dummy rounds, but tragically, it seems he was the only ‘dummy’ in this case.



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