Fort Lauderdale bar fight video goes viral

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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – From beat down to viral. A video of a bar brawl has become a bigger internet hit, than what the guy in the video received to the face. Ouch!

The fight happened near Fort Lauderdale Beach at a drinking establishment called Dirty Blondes. The video, taken by an eyewitness to the mayhem, shows a couple of the bar’s bouncers administering a pummeling to a few patrons.

Those patrons: 29-year-old Alexander Coelho and David Parker. They bled and fled the scene, but returned to tell their side of the story to cops. That didn’t turn out so well. Both were arrested for allegedly roughing up the officers.

The events leading up to the skirmish are sketchy at best… like, who’s to blame for all this!! But the bouncers have yet to be charged with anything. What is pretty clear is all the action on the video!  From a choke hold… to face punches… and even a head stomp thrown in for good measure.

Either way, Coelho and Parker aren’t backing down yet, and have lawyered up. Social media is also jumping into the fight…with somebody starting a Facebook page called “Boycott Dirty Blondes”.



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